Cucumber Tree Sandwich

Cucumber Tree Sandwiches 🎄 A festive twist on a classic tea sandwich! These are fun to make with the kids ( especially when they get to sprinkle the “snow” ❄️ ) and taste so yummy!! I shared a video on my IGTV showing you how to make them! And a bonus ending with an idea of what to do with the scraps.

What you need:
🍞 toasted bread
🧀 cream cheese
🥒 cucumber, thinly sliced and halved
🧡 cheddar cheese slice
❄️ crumbled feta cheese

Take your slice of toasted bread and stamp out a tree using a cookie cutter. Take the tree cutout and lightly spread with cream cheese. Take one cucumber half and slice in half again. Put one of these triangles at the top of the tree and one at the bottom above the stump. Layer the cucumber halves on each side.

Cut out a star in the cheddar cheese. Place it on top of the tree. Now sprinkle with feta cheese snow and enjoy!

Would your kids like this snack?

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